The Roxbury Area Chamber of Commerce (RACC) is pleased to announce its 3rd Annual Roxbury Town-wide Garage Sale event to be held Saturday, June 27, 2015 from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. This fundraiser for the Chamber of Commerce featured over 80 addresses within the sale directory in 2014—attracting hundreds of visitors to the Township for a great day of shopping.

This event has passed, information regarding this year’s event can be found here.

As in years past, sellers can register to be listed within the official sale directories that will list sales by address, neighborhood and items being sold. Registered participants also receive an official garage sale sign to display at their sale. The Township of Roxbury has also waived permit requirements for this one-day event.

Beginning June 26, shoppers will be able to access directories via our website or at the Roxbury Recreation Office—72 Eyland Avenue, Succasunna—where a limited number of printed directories will be available.

All proceeds from seller registrations are donated back to the community, where we help support charities such as the RACC Scholarship Fund, Roxbury Social Services Department, Roxbury Historic Trust as well as other school programs and sports clubs.

For more information or to register your sale, visit our event website: or to pick up a registration form at the Recreation Office.

A Community Yard Sale at Horseshoe Lake is scheduled as a separate event this fall; event details will be released in late July.

About the Chamber of Commerce

The Roxbury Area Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to serving the citizens of Roxbury by providing a forum for local businesses to exchange ideas and information as well as creating a voice for business owners in the local community. Our initiatives and programs help to contribute to the economic success of our community.