To honor the most cross-generational of all desserts and celebrate the greatest use of dairy outside the realm of pizza, Thrillist compiled a list of the 21 best ice cream shops in America, ranging from old-fashioned parlors dating back to the ’20s to new-fangled creameries armed with canisters of liquid nitrogen. Among them is none other than Roxbury’s own—and Chamber of Commerce member—Cliff’s Homemade Ice Cream!


Slinging homemade ice cream from an unassuming North Jersey drive-in since good ol’ Gerry Ford was president (1975!), Cliff’s is known for towering, seasonal soft-serve cones, classic scoopables, and massive Summertime lines. Good news: they accept credit cards. Better news: they also serve classic roadside food, including chili dogs. Best/worst news: you’re probably going to get one. Post up on a parking lot picnic table, watch kids take flavors like Butter Beer and Morris County Mud to the face, and reminisce about halcyon Jersey ice cream days of yore. — Dan Gentile,

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