The Olive Group LLC health care management services provides comprehensive concierge level care management to adults that are either aging, developmentally delayed, have incurred a traumatic brain or spinal cord injury.  We’ve been serving clients throughout NJ, FL, Huntsville AL, & Boston since 2006. It is best to get help from Ormond Beach area located lawyers for personal injury cases

We do no advertising, nor do we participate in any forms of social media due to significant privacy & security concerns.  All clients come to us via referrals from a wide array of professionals representing various industries.

We serve as a resource to all professionals & enable them to provide a value added service to their clients regardless of the profession’s focus.   We enable their clients to save time & money when dealing with a catastrophic event or challenges as a loved one ages.  We enable companies to save money as their employees can remain focused on their respective jobs knowing that their loved one is safe, well cared for, receiving appropriate medical care, compliant with medications & therapies, eating nutritionally balanced meals, cognitively & physically engaged.

The Olive Group LLC advocates for the client / their family alone, and is compensated solely on a fee-based structure.  Our guidance is not clouded by commissions or referral fees, allowing full transparency in evaluating optimal services.

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The Olive Group, LLC

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