At its annual Holiday & Award Luncheon Meeting, on Wednesday, December 13, the Roxbury Area Chamber of Commerce announced its award winners and installed its officers for 2018.

The Earl J. Chrystal Memorial Business Person of the Year Award was presented to Chamber Board Member and Treasurer Valerie Dolan in recognition for her work and involvement with the Chamber’s Committees and fundraising events.

In the picture (L to R): Valerie Dolan, 2017 Business Person of the Year, RACC Past President Bruce Bristol, 2017 Chamber 2nd Vice President Maria Russo Farris.

Beautification Award
Bruce Bristol presents Linda Dora a plaque as thanks for her duties as Chamber President in 2016 and 2017

The Chamber of Commerce presented its 2017 Community Beautification Award to Circle Bowl Entertainment.

Beginning in 2015, the former Circle Lanes, began a five (5) million dollar project to completely renovate this long-time Ledgewood based business into a modern multi-function entertainment destination.

Circle Bowl Marketing Director Garrett Stahl and its event manager, Jodi Snyder were on hand to accept the award.

Board Officers Installed

The Chamber also installed its new officers for 2018, they are: President, Nick Wunner, 1st Vice President Linda Dora, 2nd Vice President Glenn Thurnes and Treasurer Valerie Dolan.

In the photo, Bruce Bristol presents Linda Dora a plaque in recognition for her service as Chamber President in 2016 and 2017.

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