Some highlighted Bills which are under consideration in the New Jersey State Senate and/or Assembly. This rolling list for 2019 is compiled by Chamber President Nick Wunner as he’s identified these to be of interest to our Chamber Membership and other businesses within our community.


To learn more about the following bill, make note of the Bill Number (in bold) then go to and enter it into the “Bill Search” form on the right side of the page.

March 2019

A1094: Acs (ACS) Prohibits employer inquiries about worker’s wage and salary experience.

A1215: Limits forum of consumer contract disputes to New Jersey.

A4972: Acs (ACS) Establishes certain consumer protections related to arbitration organizations.

February 2019

AR108: Urges certain New Jersey State officials to raise awareness in the business community of existing “State of New Jersey – NJ Business portal” website. 2nd Reading in the Assembly

A15: AcsAca (ACS/1R) Raises, over time, hourly minimum wage to $15.00. Bills and Joint Resolutions Signed by the Governor

A1954: Sca (1R) Requires telemarketers to provide name, mailing address, and telephone number of the person on whose behalf call is made. 2nd Reading in the Senate

A2081: Permits vapor lounges for use of electronic smoking devices to be under certain circumstances. Commerce and Economic Development

A2903: Aca (1R) Concerns law regarding failure to pay wages. Appropriations

S3062: Sca (1R) Provides corporation business tax and gross income tax credits for businesses that employ apprentices in DOL registered apprenticeships. Budget and Appropriations

S3170: Sca (1R) Increase prenotification time and requires severance pay in certain plant closings, transfers, and mass layoffs; requires businesses that have a change of control to notify and retain employees for certain period.* Budget and Appropriations