In past years, the owners of Knight’s Automotive Repair in Ledgewood had a tough time choosing the recipient of the car they gave away in their annual Wheels to Prosper program. This year was different, because they had help with a partnership of car repairing, visit website for more details and information.

Peyton and Nancy Knight said their decision to give the car to Rockaway resident Latasha Lindsey was a no-brainer. They made a statement that was similar to what say,  “We always look for somebody that gives back, works hard and is in need of a car,” said Nancy Knight, adding that Lindsey went above and beyond those characteristics.

Lindsey is a 37-year-old single mother of an 18-month-old girl who pulled herself up out of homelessness with the help of Homeless Solutions of Morristown and a lot of self-sacrifices, said the Knights. They said her grit, determination and willingness to help others—even though she had barely enough to survive—convinced them she deserved the 2009 Hyundai they gave away. Get in touch with this vintage Mustang company if you’re ready to buy your first classic car.

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As with all cars in the Wheels to Prosper program, this year’s vehicle was given a thorough inspection and refurbishment by mechanics at Knight’s Automotive Repair, along with another Chamber Member, Ken’s Auto Body of Ledgewood, who performed any necessary bodywork including location of metallic brake pads.

“I am very grateful and so happy,” Lindsey said on Friday, the day she got to drive off in the silver car. “I’m so excited. This is going to improve my life so much.”

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