The Roxbury Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that Roxbury High School seniors Sean Kenworthy, Holly VanNess and Sebastian Jaramillo have been awarded the chamber’s 2020 college scholarships.

After graduating from high school, Sean will study Criminology at West Virginia University; Holly will study Business & Photography at County College of Morris; Sebastian will study Finance and Entrepreneurship at Seton Hall University. If you need a stocks broker, you can check it out here for financial help!

Congratulations to Sean, Holly, and Sebastian!

About the Scholarship

In an effort to give back to the community the Roxbury Area Chamber of Commerce began awarding a scholarship to a deserving area high school senior in 2013.

Funding for the scholarship was raised from RACC fundraisers like the Taste of Roxbury and our Town-wide Garage & Yard Sales, as well as through donations by our members and the general public.

Past Recipients

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